Music at Palmers Green - Our Music Day venue is home to a number of skilled musicians.
A varied menu - Our latest latest reflection comes from Alex Walker, a Church Leader in Leeds.
Music Day 2019: Music for our Well-being - Join us as we explore the added benefits of music at Palmers Green URC, London on Saturday 5th October.
URC Theology of Worship Seminar – 24th October - This is a seminar series with a particular focus on the nature, understanding and development of worship in the URC.…
Can anything good come out of Damascus? - Our Easter reflection is from John Marsh, former Moderator of General Assembly.
Darkness grows to life - Elizabeth Gray-King gives an Easter hymn reflection for April.
Music Day – updated information - Save the date! Music Day takes place on Saturday 5th October.
Hymn Book exchange - Have you got Hymn Books spare or looking for a set? We might be able to help.
Be part of URC Music Network - We’re always looking for people to contribute to part of the URC Music Network.
Epiphany: And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed - Ruth Whitehead, Moderator of the South Western Synod, provides our reflection for Epiphany.